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¿Why is this tour interesting?

The National Natural Park Tayrona is located 34 Km from Santa Marta and is one of the most beautiful and important natural parks in Colombia due to his biodiversity in marine species of flora and fauna.

Going out of Cartagena for the route to the sea we will pass through Barranquilla and Santa Marta cities up to coming in an average of 4 hours and a half to the National Natural Park Tayrona.

Inside the park we will walk along the beautiful paths that will allow us to estimate the natural beauty of this place, this tour will last approximately an hour walking to a moderate pace and will lead us up to the sector called Arrecifes. There we will have lunch and have the opportunity to enjoy the beach or to do a small tour for the park and to contemplate the landscape from the viewing-point of Cañaveral.  The housing will be in comfortable cabins that are located in the surroundings of the park and which are provided by everything necessary to rest placidly. The night of this day is at your disposition and will be free for any activity that you want to do.The next day about 11 a.m. we will take you to Santa Marta to do a small tour and to visit the Fifth one of san Pedro Alejandrino the place where there lived his last days Simón Bolívar, in the afternoon after the lunch we will return to Cartagena and will drop you off at the place of your request.

¿When does it take place?: This tour take place every day.

¿How long does it take?: The departure time is approximately at 7:00 am the exact time varies depending of where you need us to pick you up, The estimate time of arrival will be about 7:00 pmt the exact time of arrival varies according to the place you need us to drop you off in the city.

What does the price include? The price include:

  • Guide (Spanish, English, other languages upon request)

  • Snack¨ 

  • Ticket entrance to National Natural Park Tayrona.

  • Accommodation in Touristic cabin very close to Tayrona.

  • Short tour to Santa Marta.

  • Visit to Quinta San pedro Alejandrino

  • Transportation (pick up and drop off) in Cartagena.

How is the hotel going to be?

This plan tourist offers comfortable cabins standard type, This cabins expire with the necessary conditions in order that you rest and comfortable this one to a reasonable price.Posadas Ecoturísticas of the Sierra Nevada  are located in different sectors, around, to the side and opposite the Park Tayrona, and possess a beautiful natural environment, have capacity up to six persons each one and foresters are provided with the best stuff, private Bath and the consenting service of the rural families.

What does the price not include?

  • Meals, except for a snack on both ways of the journey.

How much does it cost?

Our idea is to allow you to meet National Natural Park Tayrona and its greatest attractions in a pleasant, efficient and cheap way. Therefore our rates include the entrance tickets, the guide, the transfers and our guides proffesionalism for an excellent price. This price varies according to the number of people booking the tour. The bigger the group of people, the less you will pay per person:

Now our prices:


Fares in Double Room accommodation

Fares in Single Room accommodation

Fares in Triple Room  accommodation              



Number of people Price per person in Colombian pesos Price per person in USD
2 630.000 Pesos 360 USD
4 545.000 Pesos 311 USD
6 420.000 Pesos 240 USD
8 360.000 Pesos 206 USD
10 320.000 Pesos 183 USD
12 300.000 Pesos 171 USD
14 280.000 Pesos 160 USD
16 270.000 Pesos 154 USD
18 260.000 Pesos 149 USD
20 ó + Contact us to send you a quote



Number of people. Price per person in Colombian pesos Price per person in USD
1 disponible en categoría VIP
2 690.000 Persona 394 USD
3 620.000 Persona 354 USD
4 600.000 Persona 343 USD
5 530.000 Persona 303 USD
6 500.000 Persona 286 USD
7 440.000 Persona 251 USD
8 420.000 Persona 240 USD
9 390.000 Persona 223 USD
10 380.000 Persona 217 USD
11 360.000 Persona 206 USD
12 350.000 Persona 200 USD
13 340.000 Persona 194 USD
14 340.000 Persona 194 USD
15 330.000 Persona 189 USD
16 320.000 Persona 183 USD
17 320.000 Persona 183 USD
18 310.000 Persona 177 USD
19 300.000 Persona 171 USD
20 ó + Contact us to send you a quote.


Numero de personas Precio por persona en pesos Precio por persona en Dólares USD
3 470.000 Pesos 269 USD
6 420.000 Pesos 240 USD
9 330.000 Pesos 189 USD
12 290.000 Pesos 166 USD
15 270.000 Pesos 154 USD
18 260.000 Pesos 149 USD
20 ó + Contact us to send you a quote.


¿How Do I book this tour?

Just call us to our Call center or fill out the following form:



1.Tour code.

3. Number of people going to the tour                        
2. Tour starting Date                         4. Language for your tour                      
5. Name and Last Name of each person going to the tour, separate each person with ",".   Please write in Capitol letters the family Name to difference it of the First Name

Example: John SMITH, Mary BROWN.


6 Place where you want to be picked up. Address and name of the place in Cartagena


In order to be able to contact you, we kindly need your following information:

7. Name of the contact person for this tour 


8. Email  of that person:


9.Phone number and mobile number to reach that person:                      

All the information that you provide is confidential and it will be used only for this tour.