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¿ Why is this tour interesting?

Villa de Leyva is a charming village filled  with History, architecture, bohemian environment and beautiful hotels for all tastes. Even though Villa de Leyva is one of the oldest villages in Colombia and was of great political influence in the past, today it seems frozen in time. 

There is a beautiful monument to Independence in Puente de Boyacá, where the Independence battle took place. In Raquira you will meet a beautiful village inhabited by artisans, and in Chiquinquira you will find the Basilica of the Chiquinquira Virgin, the patron of Colombians.

In Villa de Leyva those who wish (optional, for no additional cost) can join us to visit the semi - desert close to the town, where you find attractions such as an old  convent, and the El Fósil ( Spanish for the fossil) museum, it has an almost complete kronosaurus fossil in display, in the same place in which it was found in 1977.

You will have free time to get to meet the town and the innumerable restaurants, galleries and cafes of this charming place.

The tour includes accommodation in small tourist hotels that you are going to like.


¿When does it take place?: Every Saturday, returning on Sunday

¿How long does it take?: The departure time is approximately at 7:00 a.m., the exact time varies depending o where you need us to pick you up. The return to Bogota is approximately at 6:30 p.m. The exact time of arrival varies according to the place you need us to drop you off in the city.

What does the price include? The price include:

  • Pick up in Bogotá on Saturday morning at the place you request

  • Guide (Spanish, English, other languages upon request)

  • Hotel accomodation

  • Snack

  • Entrance ticket to Puente de Boyacá

  • Visit to Raquira

  • Visit to Chiquinquirá

  • Entrance ticket to the Fossil

  • Entrance ticket to the Santo Ecce Homo convent

  • Return to Bogotá on Sunday, drop off at the place of your request.

What does the price not include?

The price does not include:

  • Meals, except for a snack on both ways of the journey

How is the hotel going to be?

The hotel included in this tour is a small tourist hotel generally operated by the owner that has all the confort that you expect of a small not luxurious hotel. You can see 2 examples of this hotels, they might be the hotels that we use during your tour but if they are full we have more than 10 hotels similar to the following ones:

Option number 1

Option number 2



How much does it cost?

The bigger the group of people, the less you will pay per person:


Number of people Price per person in Colombian Pesos Price per person in Dollars USD
1 600.000 Pesos 340USD
2 440.000 Pesos 220 USD
3 400.000 Pesos 200 USD
4-5 300.000 Pesos 150 USD
6-7 280.000 Pesos 140 USD
8-9 270.000 Pesos 135 USD
10-11 260.000 Pesos 130 USD
12-13 250.000 Pesos 125 USD
14-15 230.000 Pesos 115 USD
16-17 220.000 Pesos 110 USD
18-19 210.000 Pesos 105 USD
20 or more Contact us to send you a quote according to the dates and size of your group.


¿How Do I book this tour?

Just call us to our Call center or fill out the following form:



1.Tour code.


3. Number of people going to the tour                        
2. Tour starting Date                         4. Language for your tour                      
5. Name and Last Name of each person going to the tour, separate each person with ",".   Please write in Capitol letters the family Name to difference it of the First Name

Example: John SMITH, Mary BROWN.


6 Place where you want to be picked up. Address and name of the place in Bogotá


In order to be able to contact you, we kindly need your following information:

7. Name of the contact person for this tour 


8. Email  of that person:


9.Phone number and mobile number to reach that person:                      

All the information that you provide is confidential and it will be used only for this tour.