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What is interesting about this tour?

This is a spectacular tour for those who wish to meet the Colombian Coffee Region on a weekend. The tour is structured leaving from Bogotá city but it is possible to take it from other places like Panama, Cartagena, Medellin and Cali.

We will be waiting fro you at your arrival at the Armenia airport. From there we will take you to a hotel located at 20 minutes, in the middle of the most beautiful nature.

On the next day the birds will wake you up to let you know breakfast is served, full of fruits and typical food, then we will begin the journey through the most beautiful towns of the coffee region, arriving to Filandia, land where the canastos (artisan-made baskets) are weaved at the same pace as dreams, and like a back to the past dream, starts the walk around the main square, visiting also “el mirador”  (natural terrace with a beautiful landscape) and the basket craft shop.

Our journey will then take us to Salento, where the old national road passes by where you can still hear the rake of the mules loaded with coffee lumps, we will enter to a typical canteen, where we will seat in the traditional way on some coffee lumps, to have an “aguardiente (fire water), then we will walk through Calle Real, which is full of handicrafts made in guadua. 

We will leave town to visit the mirador and will walk through one of the most beautiful valleys in the world, the VALLEY OF COCORA, where we will meet the Colombian Nacional Tree, the Wax Palm of Quindío (ceroxilon Quinduense) majestically blooming on the landscape, as it’s the tallest worldwide (60  m), arriving then to an excellent restaurant, where a nice glass of wine will be waiting for us, we will have trout for lunch accompanied by “patacón” y other culinary delights, so after a break we will rode a horse to start the climbing to the foggy forest, passing through waterfalls, valleys, forests, to then enjoy from the top, the most excellent sight of the landscape. Then we will return to the Hotel.

To start the new day, we will wake up accompanied by the crowing of the cocks, experiencing this way how life at the country side is like at the Coffee Region, we will be coffee farmers and pick up some coffee, we will wear the typical cloths and work at the farm learning the whole coffee process. At the end we will then taste the first cup of coffee grown by our selves.

Alter that, on a Jeep Willys, typical car in the region, we will go down the Río de la Vieja (River of the elderly woman), to slip ourselves in a raft made of guadua, as the old Quimbaya indians use to do, tribe that inhabited this region a thousand years ago, who gave the name to the region, then we will slide on the tam waters and dovetail with nature. Finally we will enjoy a typical plate called "pollo al paseo".

When the rafting is finished we will go to the hotel and then the airport, ending the tour.

When does this tour take place? This tour takes place every weekend, or when you request it.

How long does it take? The departure is on Friday afternoon, we will pick you up where you request it and transfer you to the airport in Bogota. (The exact time may vary according to the airline itineraries and  the place where you are in Bogota,  the approximate time at which we will pick you up is at 5:30 p.m. The return to Bogota is on Sunday at the end of the afternoon, approximately at 5:30 p.m., we will leave Armenia to arrive at night Bogota, where we will transfer you to the place you request.

What does the price include? The price includes:

·         Pickup in Bogota on Friday at the end of the afternoon.

·         Air transfer from Bogota to Armenia on Friday at the end of the afternoon.

·         Transfer from the Armenia Airport to the country-like Hotel in the Coffe Region

·         Accommodation on Friday and Saturday at a spectacular country-like hotel

·         Breakfasts at the hotel

·         Guide (Spaish, English, otherlanguages upon request) during your stay at the Coffee Region

·         Visit to the tradicional coffee towns like Finlandia and Salento.

·         Lunch at the restaurant in the middle of Cocora Valley.

·         Horse ride through the foggy forest

·         Visit on Sunday to a Coffee farm to learn about the traditional coffee

·         Excursion on Sunday in a raft through a waterfall to see the coffee landscape.

·         Country-like lunch on Sunday, at the rafting

·         Transfer to Armenia airport

·         Air Transfer from Armenia to Bogota

·         I.V.A (taxes)

·         Air taxes like gas tax and airport fares.

·         Pixkup at the airport in Bogota and transfer to the place you request, on Sunday at the end of the tour.

What does the price NOT include?

The price DOES NOT include:

·         Meals not mentioned in the plan

·         Personal expenses

·         Room service at the hotel, or any expense at the hotel different to breakfast

Is it possible to extend the tour for a few days?

Yes, off course. All you need to do is to let us know about that at the moment of booking your tour.

·         If you have more time available we recommend you to stay one or two more days, we can suggest you plenty more activities to carry out at the Coffee Region, such as the visit to the Snow Pick of Ruiz or the National Coffee Park, the butterfly garden, the Panaca park or if you want some adventure we can arrange a day of camping and rafting for you.


How much does it cost?

Number of people

Price per person in pesos

Price per person in Dollars USD


1.780.000 pesos

960 USD


1.350.000 pesos

730 USD


1.110.000 pesos

600 USD

7 ó más

Contact us to let us know the exact number of people and dates for your tour.

Contact us to let us know the exact number of people and dates for your tour.


How do I book this tour?

Just call us to our Call center or fill out the following form and we will get in touch wit you within the next 24 hours:



2. TOUR STARING DATE               

3. Total Number of people going to the tour             

4. How many single and doble rooms are you going to need during the tour?              

5. Name and Last Name of each person going to the tour, separate each person with ",".   Please write in Capitol letters the family Name to difference it of the First Name

Example: John SMITH, Mary BROWN.

6 Place where you want to be picked up. Address and name of the place in Bogotá



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7. Name of the contact person for this tour           

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9.Phone number and mobile number to reach that person:

We will be contacting you within the next 24 hours. All the information provided will be used only for this tour