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1 Tour code: San Agustin

¿ Why is this tour interesting?

San Agustin Archaeological Park is one of the places declared as World Heritage by UNESCO. Visiting it through us during holidays, on a weekend, or whenever you want to, it will be an unforgettable experience. It is a marvelous place full of History and mystery. The culture that made these thousands of amazing statues disappeared without leaving a trace. San Agustin probably was a huge religious center where warriors, political and religious leaders from hundreds of years ago from different places of North and South America were transport to be buried. This is why the found graves were usually full of treasures. This tour can be taken accompanied by one of our guides, using either public or private transportation.

When does it take place?: You can take this tour anytime you want. eWe will leave Bogota in a comfortable private vehicle and will be accompanied all the time by an excellent, professional bilingual guide.

How long does it take?: The tour is designed for a minimum of three days but it’s possible to request a longer tour. On the first day we leave very early in the morning since the way to san Agustin is quite long (8 hours approximately). Our guide will pick you up at your place and take you to San Agustin. Once in San Agustin we will take you to our special accommodation at a spectacular farm-hotel, located 5 minutes away from San Agustin and the archaeological park.

On the next day we will take you across the archaeological park, the forests, its mountains and the museum. We will visit Mesitas A, B, C and D, the Ceremonial Font and the Alto del Lavapatas; the Statues Forest and the Archaeological Museum. In the afternoon we will have an unforgettable horse ride to El Tablón and La Chaquira, an spectacular path where the magic of the Andean landscape is plenty enjoyed.

On the third day we will meet the archaeological parks of Alto de Los Ídolos and Alto de Las Piedras. In there we will see the beautiful falls of Salto del Mortiño (180 m) and Salto de Bordones (320 m) in the middle of the majestic landscape of the Colombian Macizo. At noon we will leave on the way back to Bogotá.

What’s the minimum number of people for this tour?

This tour can be taken with a minimum of 4 people.

What does the price includes? The price includes:

First day

·         Pickup in the morning in Bogota, at the place you request.

·         Guide (Spanish, English, French, German etc.) who will join you during the whole trip.

·         Private transport in a comfortable vehicle, special for tourism.

·         Snack during the journey

·         Accommodation at the Hotel

Second day

·         Breakfast at the Hotel

·         Transfer to San Agustin Archaeological park

·         Entrance ticket and guide to the ceremonial font

·         Entrance ticket and guide to alto de Lavapatas

·         Entrance ticket and guide to bosque de estatuas

·         Entrance ticket and guide across mesetas A, B C and D, main places where the graves were found.

·         Horse ride

·         Accommodation at the Hotel

Third day

·         Breakfast at the Hotel

·         Pickup at the Hotel

·         Visit to the archaeological parks of Alto de Los Ídolos and Alto de Las Piedras

·         Visit to the spectacular falls of Salto del Mortiño (180 m) and Salto de Bordones (320 m)

·         Transfer to Bogota in a private vehicle, to the place you request.

What does the price not include?

The price does not include:

·         Meals not mentioned in the program.

Is it possible to extend this tour for a few days?

Yes, off course. All you need is to let us know about that intention at the moment of booking your tour.

·         If you have more time available we recommend you to stay one or two more days. We can suggest you plenty more activities to carry out at San Agustin, for instance to visit Salto del Mortiño, the second highest fall in South America, do some rafting at the Magdalena river, etc.

How much does it cost?


Number of people

Price per person in Colombian Pesos

Price per person in Dollars USD


900.000 p/p

500 USD


800.000 p/p

430 USD


720.000 p/p

390 USD

7 or more

620.000 p/p

340 USD


How do I book this tour?

Just call us to our Call center or fill out the following form:



1.Tour code.

3. Number of people going to the tour            
2. Tour starting Date                   4. Language for your tour          
5. Name and Last Name of each person going to the tour, separate each person with ",".   Please write in Capitol letters the family Name to difference it of the First Name

Example: John SMITH, Mary BROWN.

6 Place where you want to be picked up. Address and name of the place in Bogotá


In order to be able to contact you, we kindly need your following information:

7. Name of the contact person for this tour 


8. Email  of that person:


9.Phone number and mobile number to reach that person:

All the information that you provide is confidential and it will be used only for this tour.