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Nueva Lengua Tours offers tours all around Colombia. Our tours are designed in a way that allows you to combine them in different ways.. If you  wish something special we can help you designing your own tour.  the requested customized tour. In addition given that the tour have different duration, they can be adapted to the customer's needs.


Tours from different places of the country (Bogotá, Cartagena).

Tours from Bogota:


1 Tour to the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

This tour is available everyday leaving from Bogota. The Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is one of the 7 wonders in Colombia, if you are in Bogotá you can't miss this marvelous piece of architecture.

A huge underground cathedral.

This magic and spiritual place will be unforgettable for you and your close ones.

The tour is designed in a way in which you can go in the morning and come back to Bogota at noon. During the tour you will be able to see important landmarks such as Puente del Común and the spectacular sightseeing of Bogota from the mountains of La Calera, where you will take beautiful pictures of the urban landscape. We will have a delicious snack break, since the Bogota Sabana is the perfect place to taste the famous pandeyucas and almojabanas accompanied by a terrific Chocolate Santafereño.

More information about this tour (CLICK).

Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

Lanscape of Zipaquira fromthe mountain where the Cathedral is located

Sightseeing of  Bogota from the eastern Cerros, close to La Calera

Main square of Zipaquira


2 Tour to Zipaquira and the Enchanted Lagoon of Guatavita

This tour is offered every day except Mondays. It is a marvelous journey through the north part of Bogota, in whih you will meet the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira, formerly depicted, plus the beautiful Lagoon of Guatavita.

The Lagoon of Guatavita is a sacred lagoon for the Chibchas aborigens. The legend of El Dorado has its origin in the ryth through wich the Zipa (Chibchas' chief) submerged in this lagoon with his body covered with glod dust, sticked with honey, meanwhile offering beautiful gold pieces to the god of the lagoon.

Many of the pieces showed at the current Gold Museum were found in this place.

The Guatavita Lagoon is located in a Natural Park and it has a shocking nature.

More information about this tour (CLICK).

Gold piece displayed at the Gold Museum. It shows the Zipa in a raft making the offerings at the lagoon.

 Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

Natural Park around the Guatavita Lagoon

Group of people with the lagoon behind.



 3 City Tour Bogotá

This Tour has been designed in two modalities: Tour in the morning or tour in the afternoon, you choose the one that best fits your time and availability. We carried out seven days a week.

This fantastic tour will take you to know one of the most representatives cities in our country and Latin America as it is Bogotá. The Colombia`s capital is located 2.600 meters above the sea and here you will find friendly people and many cultural places. Our tour has been designed for you to keep details of the most interesting places of the city, the approximate duration is about 5-6 hours. We pick you in Bogotá at the place you request.

We will visit sanctuary Monserrate, symbol par excellence of the Colombian capital, not only as natural effigy, but also for their religious character, this sanctuary hosts thousands of pilgrims for all over the world since his foundation in 1640. The ascend is done through the Teleferico which will give us the opportunity to have a splendid view of the city from a height of 3100 meters. (10.000 feet). 

Down we will learn about the process of Colombian emerald with an expert in this field, then we will make a tour through the historic Quinta de Simon Bolivar the place where the liberator lived. We will visit the Gold Museum, home of the world´s largest collection of pre-Hispanic goldsmith, we will walk around the famous neighborhood of “La Candelaria” the oldest in the city, whose Spanish architecture retains the touch of the colonial era. Entering to the Botero´s Museum which contains a stunning collection of works by Fernando Botero and many other globally recognized artists.

Then drive to the north of the city and see places like, District Planetarium, Bullring, the international centre, Plaza de Lourdes which has a beautiful church built in Gothic style, The G zone where take place the best gourmet food restaurants, the financial center where there are complex and modern buildings in wich they carry our major economic activities in the country, “The Zona Rosa”, fifteen avenue and 93 park sites suitable for taking a beer, walk or simply enjoy a delicious Colombian coffee. We will finish in Usaquen an old village that is now part of the city, but still retains its colonial architecture.

Culture, beauty and harmony is what you'll find in a city that blends the modern and classical proudly to displays its past as part of the present.

This and much more you can know through us, just choose the option that fits you best.




 Sightseeing Catedral Primada Bogotá

Bogotá Downtown.


 Sightseeing of  Bogota from  circunvalar avenue




Street in "La Candelaria"





4 Tour to Coffee Plantation

Only one hour and thirty minutes from Bogotá we will visit one of the greatest and traditional coffee farms in the country that is the Hacienda Coloma, located in Fusagasugá. We will take a tour into the coffee plantation where we will enjoy the beauty of the gardens. We will walk around through the plantations accompanied by the wonderful smell of coffee and the explanations of an expert on the field in order to know some aspects about the coffee process.

The landscape of the trip along with the warmth of its people and its average temperature of 20 ° C mean that the journey is very nice.

Also we will take you around Fusagasugá, little town with gorgeous square and then we will have typical lunch in a restaurant and you will have the chance to take a refreshing swim in the pool so far back to Bogotá.

(CLICK) here for more information.


Main Square in  Fusagasugá.

 Santa Coloma gardens.

Gardens of the coffee plantation perfect for relax and the contact with nature .

Sightseeing Hacienda Coloma.



5 Tour to Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva is a charming place full of history, architecture, bohemian environment for all tastes. Spite of being one of the oldest villages in Colombia and have had a great political importance in the past. Nowadays seem to be frozen in the past.

During this tour we won’t visit only Villa de Leyva, we will visit Puente de Boyacá, where the Independence battle took place in 1819, We will visit also Ráquira, a beautiful village inhabited by artisans and Chiquinquira where is located the Basilica of Chiquinquira Virgin.

In Villa de Leyva those who wants to join us (optional and without charges) could visit the semi - desert close to the town, where you find attractions such as the old  convent and "El Fossil" the perfect place for those who love the paleontology.

This tour offer you an excellent transport service from Bogota and the accompaniment of a professional guide, but you will have free time to get to meet the town and the innumerable restaurants, galleries and cafes of this charming place.

Thinking about you and your commodity and schedule we offer you this fantastic tour in different modalities.

TOUR Tour description to Villa de Leyva
Round trip same day (Click Here).
Touristic Plan Villa de Leyva, Raquira, Chiquinquira and Puente de Boyacá (1 Night 2 Days) (Click Here).
Villa de Leyva - SPA (1 Night 2 Days) (Click Here).
Villa de Leyva Romantic for 2 people. (1 Night 2 Days)  (Click Here).
Accomodation by yourself (1 Night 2 Days) (Click Here).



Villa de Leyva at night

Main square of Villa de Leyva.

Raquira, town of artisans,

close to Villa de Leyva




6 Tour to San Agustin

San Agustin Archaeological Park is one of the places declared as World Heritage by UNESCO. Visiting it through us during holidays, on a weekend, or whenever you want to, it will be an unforgettable experience. It is a marvelous place full of History and mystery. The culture that made these thousands of amazing statues disappeared without leaving a trace. San Agustin probably is a huge religious center where warriors, political and religious leaders from hundreds of years ago from different places of North and South America were transport to be buried. This is why the found graves were usually full of treasures. This tour can be taken accompanied by one of our guides, using either public or private transportation.

This tour includes accommodation at a beautiful country hotel that follows strict quality standards, remarkable for its beauty, located at 5 minutes from the town and also very close to the archaeological park. The transfer to San Agustin from Bogota is provided in a comfortable private vehicle and we will travel accompanied by an excellent bilingual guide. (Click here to see more information about this tour)


Statue of a Warrior. (2 meters high)

Beautiful stoned road inside the Park

One of the hundreds of Statues inside  the Wood of the statues

Many Waterfalls can be appreciated from the top of the idols Mountain.


7 Tour to the Coffee Region of Colombia: Armenia, Filandia, Salento, Valley of Cócora, Visit to a coffee farm and rafting. Air transfer from Bogota. Bilingual guides

5 Tour to the Coffee Region of Colombia: Armenia, Filandia, Salento, Valley of Cócora, Visit to a coffee farm and rafting. Air transfer from Bogota. Bilingual guides.

Taking this tour you will meet one of the most beautiful regions in all the Colombian territory. The standard tour is designed to take place during a weekend, but we are flexible in case that you want to stay a few more days.

The Coffee Region of Colombia is one of the most representative areas in the country. Its cultural, economical and Historical importance is tied to its immense natural richness and kindness of its people; all of these are reasons for this zone to be the main touristy destination in the inner country. You will have accommodation at a beautiful country-like hotel, we will guide you in a comfortable vehicle through the coffee region and you will meet the coffee culture, the landscapes of this zone, not only by plane by also by car, horse and a raft through a beautiful river. Our guides are bilingual and certified.

Click here to see more information about this tour.

El maravilloso Hotel donde nos hospedamos en el tour a la zona cafetera. El Hotel esta ubicado a 25 minutos de Armenia y de Pereira

Turistas en finca cafetera aprendiendo del proceso del café

Cabalgata en el valle del Cocora.

Balsaje en el rio la Vieja

8 City Tour Cartagena

This Tour has been designed in two modalities: Tour in the morning or tour in the afternoon, you choose the one that best fits your time and availability. We carried out seven days a week.

This incredible tour will take you to know the most representative of Cartagena city. Called ¨La heroica ¨due to it`s epic battles that took palce during the Spanish colony, is the number one destination by international, national, and local tourists due to its historic, architectural, cultural, esthetic, and recreational importance. The approximate duration of this tour is about 4 hours. We pick you in Cartagena at the place you request.

We will start our tour in the hill la Popa en el cerro de la popa wich provides a privileged view of whole city and thats why is the best place to take pictures of the walled city. The we will go down until the Castillo de San Felipe, known as the protector and guardian of the city, this is the America`s military egineering most important and particularly because of it`s complex construction during 121 years.

Later we will go to the historic center, exactly until the ¨Torre del reloj¨, perhaps one of the bests known places throughout the city of Cartagena de Indias. At the entrance we will see the Plaza de la Aduana a place where the slaves came to be sold to the highest bidder, We will observe also the plaza de San Pedro, the imponent  Naval Museum, the Plaza de Armas, the Cathedral and the Plaza  Bolívar where is located the Gold Museum, the Inquisition Palace, the  Theatre of Heredia. Finally we will walk around the walls to get the bóvedas a place with very atractive shops full of crafts and galleries. After this tour that better than a cool drink in a very typical Cartagena place.





 Night sightseeing of the  Castillo de San Felipe.

 Panoramic  Sightseeing of the church San Pedro Claver.


 Theatre of Heredia


Street of the Cartagena Historic Center.


9- Tour to the Totumo Volcano

This tour is offered every day of the year starting from the city of Cartagena and will let you know a very interesting and natural place that according to some experts have healing properties due to its content of sulfates, phosphates and magnesium. Daily reach these place groups of people who seek to enjoy this natural phenomenon and some relaxing at the same time.

About 8:30 am we will be leaving Cartagena to reach the ¨Totumo¨ located 50km through the sea highway. This is a small volcano in which you can enter through its crater to take a refreshing swim medicinal mud. Our visit to the volcano will last approximately one hour thirty minutes. Then we will return by the same route to Cartagena and finally we will drop you of at the place you request.


(CLICK) here for more information.


Sightseeing of volcano.

Turist enjoying a mud bath.

Sightseeing of the swamp from the top of the volcano.

Getting out of the volcano.


12- Tour to the National Natural Park Tayrona from Cartagena.

We offer this tour everyday of the year taking Cartagena as our starting point. The National Natural Park Tayrona is located 34 Km from Santa Marta and is one of the most beautiful and important natural parks in Colombia due to his biodiversity in marine species of flora and fauna.

Going out of Cartagena for the route to the sea we will pass through Barranquilla and Santa Marta cities up to coming in an average of 4 hours and a half to the National Natural Park Tayrona.

Inside the park we will walk along the beautiful paths that will allow us to estimate the natural beauty of this place, this tour will last approximately an hour walking to a moderate pace and will lead us up to the sector called Arrecifes. There we will have lunch and have the opportunity to enjoy the beach or to do a small tour for the park and to contemplate the landscape from the viewing-point of Cañaveral. There are several options for the accommodation well be inside the park or out. You choose the one that more likes. We have for our last programmed day a small tour around Santa Marta to visit interesting places such as Quinta San Pedro Alejandrino the place where Simon Bolívar lived his last days. All this and much more has been carefully designed in order you enjoy one of the most beautiful places of our geography, just choose the option that best fits to you.






Sightseeing of Nationa Natural Park Tayrona.

Beaches of National Natural Park Tayrona.

Sightseeing of the landscape in National Natural Park Tayrona.

Landscape from the sector of the Ecohabs  National  Natural park Tayrona.